Program for

Women & Robotics

Do you want to enter an exciting career in tech?

No Matter What Your Background

You CAN Succeed

Robotics and Ai

is the fastest growing sector in tech.

To work with Robots, the first step

is to know how to code.

Thanks to AWS,

Anina Net and Robociti, have created a FREE program

for 70 women to start their journey

by learning to code in python.

A Message from Sandy Carter, Vice President of AWS Partners Program

Sandy Carter is a huge advocate of women in technology, championing many diversity and inclusivity programs across her career. She is always reaching back and pulling the next generation forward.

A Message from Anina Net, CEO of 360Fashion Network

Anina Net is working together with Robociti to bring more women into Robotics and Ai. Anina Net has been working on Robotics Dresses, a Cart Robot, and learning to code python.

How does the program work?

70 Women to Be Chosen

AWS Partners Program has sponsored 70 women to participate for free in the Robociti Python Course, have additional live support from Anina Net and Robociti Engineers. This is to prepare them to rank high and win the December Open Python Challenge prizes and further their learning journey in Robotics.

October 1 - 30th, Applications Open

If you identify as a woman, anyone 18 years or older may apply. If you are Under 18 need parental approval. There are ONLY 70 places available and candidates will be selected based on desire and dedication.

November 1 - 30th, Program Begins

The selected applicants will start the Women Python for Robotics & Ai course on Women will receive special training from Anina Net and Robociti Engineers to help them on their learning journey. Participants will be prepared to rank high and win the December Open Python Challenge.

December 1 - 30th

Open Python Challenge

Participating women will join the Open Python Challenge and compete for cash and other prizes which are sponsored by AWS.

Win Prizes

1st Place: $500 USD

2nd Place: Wheely Robot Kit (worth $300)

3rd Place: 2000 RoboCoins (worth $100)

...and more!

January 14th, 2022*

Online Celebration Event

Sandy Carter, Vice President of AWS Partners Program will present the top ranking women from the Python Program with the prizes in a special online celebration event where Robotics and Ai industry leaders, Anina Net, and Robociti engineers will gather with.

Program Details

Prizes and Awards


You become what you believe.

Words of encouragement from women working in the tech industry.

Auguste Kakneviciute


Instagram - @augustekak

Shelvy Marbury

Nerdy Gangsta Inc.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - @nerdygangstainc

Loeve Saint-Ourens

Founder of Loève Studio innovation

Instagram - @loeve_saint_ourens

Khadeejah Kareem

Robociti Student

Don't miss this chance to start a career in Robotics and Ai.

The first step is to know how to code.

Do you want to become one of the 70 women selected for this FREE program?